Family House

Family House

By Jacob & Daniel

On December 2nd, Joey Kotfica, the director of marketing from Family House, spoke to us about the amazing work her organization does. Family House provides a home away from home for families of terminally ill kids, who are all referred by the local children’s hospital. The organization strives to give support to families of sick children free of financial concerns.

Family House was started by Dr. Arthur Ablin, a pediatric oncologist. Ablin started Family House because he realized parents of kids with cancer were stressed and tired, and he wanted to make a place for them to be supported.

Joey showed us a video explaining that every year, Family House is home to 4500 families. Since 1981, 50,000 families have stayed. The whole operation costs Family House roughly $150 per family per night, but it is free for families. Because of this, they rely heavily on donations: their annual operating budget is around $4,000,000 a year.

Family House has many programs to enrich the lives of their tenants. For instance, they often go on field trips to local museums like the De Young or Academy of Sciences. These trips are usually donated by the museum. Family House also loves to have parties; every month, there is a birthday party celebrating all of that month’s birthdays. Additionally, Family House celebrates all holidays, regardless of faith.


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